Our Youth Beneficiary - A Human Library Experience

The Youth Beneficiaries of Acting Up are stepping out of shadows and stepping onto an online platform to share personal experiences of recovery. Exploring themes such as drug addictions, social struggles and mental health afflictions, our youth aim to debunk the myth of a "beautiful" recovery.. and share how struggles can be managed by every tiny success. "Readers" have an an opportunity to interact, ask questions and affirm our youths during the discussion forums. Each session will be moderated by staff from Acting Up. Come journey with us we trudge through tough times together.

Acting Up is a social enterprise that provides therapeutic follow up for youth at no cost to them. We are not funded by any organizations and rely fully on our workshop and courses to fund our projects and initiatives. Acting Up works with fellow community parners to provide employment, guidance and mentorship for youth in need. In turn, our Youth reach out to others in need through social projects. We would appreciate any amount of donation to ensure no young person is left behind during tough times. Kindly contact May at admin@actingupsingapore.com if you like to make a donation. Thank you for your kindness!

Title: Chicken soup for a drug addict

This human library session discusses issues surrounding drug addiction and how a young person coped with the impact on his life. The session features a ‘dual perspective’ as both ex-resident and his former case worker come together to share their experiences and perspectives of addiction and recovery.

About our Human Book

Raihan is a 21 year old who “deals with daily problems like anyone else”. He loves helping people get through their problems and suggest ways to overcome them.

Nathan has just finished his Masters in Arts in Counselling and has been working in Trybe for 5 years now. He started as a Team Coach (youth worker), and eventually became a counsellor working with youth struggling with addiction. He is currently involved in a new programme that handles youth who lack the opportunity to have education, but who are willing to explore alternative vocational and job experiences to improve their knowledge and skills.

Here is some information from our community partner, Trybe, where Nathan is from:

Established in 1995, Trybe is a social service agency that specialises in working with youth facing adversities. Our vision is “Every Youth a Success Story”. We believe that all youth are able to reach the fullest of their potentials to live successful lives. Thus, we are united by our mission - to journey with youth who face adversities to lead purposeful lives, inspiring them to impact others.

Trybe provides youth with guidance and offer support for their families and communities, creating a complete ecosystem of care from community-based interventions to individual aftercare services. Trybe engages youth showing behavioural issues, through our Chrysalis service, and guides them towards a positive lifestyle. We are appointed by MSF as the managing agent of the Singapore Boys’ Hostel since 2011. As the managing agent, Trybe provides rehabilitation programme to the youth and ensure they are well supported in through their journey of transformation. In an effort to provide after-care for youth ex-offenders, Trybe started Growing Resilient Youth in Transition (GRYT) 2015. Through GRYT, we support youth who have left the institutions to integrate back into society. We also establish the Overcoming Addictions Securing Youths’ Successes (OASYS) service in 2018 which aims to create early prevention and awareness among youths and offer treatment to youth who face issues related to substance addiction.

As part of our many helping hands approach, Trybe also works with many community partners such as Acting Up to ensure our youth are provided with the necessary support they need.
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Sat Jun 6, 2020
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM SGT
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